How to Select a Generator to Hire

Some inexperienced people may only focus on the power capacity of a generator when they are hiring that generator for a project, such as construction work. Such people may not get the best from the generators that they hire since they aren't aware of other important factors that should influence one's choice. This article discusses some of those other crucial factors.

Fuel Consumption

You should remember that the generator requires energy in order to produce the electrical energy that you need for your project. It is therefore prudent for you to compare the consumption rates of different generators before you pick the one to hire. That consumption is normally indicated in how many litres the generator consumes each hour at a stipulated percentage of its load rating. This allows you to compare different generators of the same load rating so that you can select the most fuel-efficient one.

Outgoing Power Connections

You should also pay attention to the number of connections that are available for output power from the generator that you wish to hire. More connection points are advantageous because you can place different tools or appliances on different output connections. This means that work can still continue even when one output connection has developed a problem.

External Tank Couplers

The fuel tanks of generators normally have a limited capacity. Getting a generator with a bigger tank capacity can help you to take longer before switching off the generator so that you can refuel. However, some generators have couplers that can be used to connect a secondary fuel tank to the fuel supply system of the generator. Such couplers allow you to continue working nonstop because you can simply disconnect the external tank in order to refuel it, as the generator is running using the fuel in its own tank.

Road Tow Option

How will you move the generator from the plant hire yard to your site? Some generators can only be moved by placing them on trucks using lifting equipment, such as cranes. Such generators may be costly to hire because one has to incur the additional cost of hiring the special vehicles that are needed to transport them to the locations where those generators are needed. One way to reduce those additional costs is by selecting a generator that can be towed by any tow vehicle which can handle that load. This road tow option enables you to transport the generator to and from your site without hiring anyone to bring a special vehicle for that task.

The total cost of generator hire is likely to go down when you keep the considerations above in mind as you select a generator for your project.