Choosing the Right Material for Your Commemorative Plaque

Commemorative plaques have risen in popularity as people pay tributes to their loved ones or mark significant events happening in society. These plaques come in a wide range of materials, finishes and designs to satisfy personal and practical purposes. Strategic locations for plaques include gardens, sides of buildings and other areas that do not overexpose them to the elements while still complementing the surroundings. Apart from choosing the design and shape of the plaque, another big choice you may have to make is picking the right material. Essentially, the plaque material should be able to stand the test of time and conditions thrown at it by Mother Nature. The following are some of the common materials you may consider for your custom plaque.

Bronze Plaques

Bronze symbolises achievement, success, as well as a reminder of the depth of love. Apart from the emotional significance, bronze also has a practical side of it in that it lasts for a longer time thanks to its strength and ease of maintenance. This is precisely the reason behind the popularity of bronze plaques and why they are a commonplace in public gardens and park benches.

Brass Plaques

Despite its similarity to bronze, brass comes in a wide range of alloys which produce lots of shades and colours. If you want a classic-looking plaque, but with a little bit of difference from the rest, then it pays to explore the different brass options available. That said, brass tarnishes quite badly which means a high level of maintenance is required if you install it outdoors.

Stainless Steel Plaques

If you want a commemorative plaque that has a contemporary look which attracts every eyeball, stainless steel is one of the popular choices. By design, stainless steel is engraved and polished from high-quality steel and captures well the notion of celebrating achievements and contributions made by outstanding individuals. Another plus to this material, is that it withstands all-weather conditions including saline environments.

Granite Plaques

Granite has risen quite fast to claim the place of bronze in giving people a contemporary look and feel for their plaques. It shares a lot of qualities with bronze, but its point of departure is in its outstanding durability and the fact that it fearlessly stands up even to the harshest weather conditions. The versatility in terms of colour, opens a whole new world of options for you. Remember, before you display your plaque, consider the restrictions in terms of colours, sizes, and even materials that some authorities may have.