Own A Flagpole? How To Tell When You Need To Call For Repairs

If you have a flagpole in your yard, you need to take care of the maintenance and repairs. You might not realise this, but without the proper care, your flagpole may fail. If that happens, you could be at risk for accidents and injuries, especially if it's a heavy-duty flagpole. If you're not sure how to identify problems with your flagpole, read the information provided below. You'll find three sure signs that your flagpole requires immediate repairs. 

The Swivel Rings Are Missing

If you have a telescoping flagpole, your flags are held in place with a system of swivel rings. Those swivel rings are designed to keep your flags safe and secure while they're being displayed. Swivel rings also allow your flags to make a complete rotation around the flagpole and verifies that they won't wrap around it. Each time you raise a flag, you should inspect the swivel rings. If you see signs of damage, or if any of the swivel rings are missing, you should call for repairs right away. 

The Flagpole Is Leaning

If you've noticed that your flagpole is leaning, it's a good idea to schedule an inspection. There are a few reasons why your flagpole may have started to lean. First, natural soil shifting or settling may have occurred. Second, soil erosion could have caused your flagpole to lean. Finally, someone could have hit the flagpole with their car. In most cases, natural soil shifting shouldn't cause harm to your flagpole. However, if your flagpole is leaning due to soil erosion or impact, you should take care of repairs as soon as possible. Without repairs, your flagpole may fall over. 

The Halyard Is Damaged

If you have a traditional flagpole, your flags are held in place with a halyard. If that's the case, you should inspect the halyard at least once a week. The halyard is a rope and pulley system that's designed to pull your flag to the top of the mast, and then lock it in place. When it's time to lower the flag, the pulley ensures a slow and steady release. If the pulley is damaged or loose, you'll need to have it replaced immediately. When inspecting the halyard, you should also pay close attention to the rope. Through daily use, the rope can become frayed. If that happens, the flag won't be held securely. If you see signs of damage to either part of the halyard, it's time to schedule repairs. Contact a flagpole repair service for more information.