Do You Want to Supply Plastic Bottles? Here are 3 Ready Markets

The number of places you can supply plastic bottles are many. However, you need to be strategic as a budding supplier because of the intense competition in the plastic container supply industry. Additionally, emerging regulations on the use of plastic bottles do not make it any easier for the newbie in the industry. As such, instead of supplying your plastic bottles to any business, try creating a niche for yourself. The markets below are just a few among the many that you can take advantage.

Massage Parlors – The increased demand for plastic bottles in massage parlors is one you cannot ignore. The demand can be attributed to the increased hot water bottle massage therapy. Since it is not possible to use glass bottles for this type of massage for safety reasons, you can meet this need for massage parlor proprietors. Therefore, take a trip around your locality in search for newly opened or existing massage parlors. Your search might lead you to massage centers that are just opening up and providing hot water massage in their list of services.

Natural Cosmetics Stores – With most Australians becoming aware of the negatives of industrially manufactured cosmetics, preference for cosmetics made from natural ingredients has increased. Therefore, the continued proliferation of natural cosmetic shops should not come as a surprise, and it is a new market that you should explore. One of the essential equipment for such stores is plastic bottles where samples of natural ingredients can be mixed and stored. The reason is that if a particular combination fails to produce the expected result, the used plastic bottle is disposed of appropriately to prevent contamination of a fresh batch of ingredients.  Notably, plastic is cheap and does not affect the bottom line heavily compared to other inputs like glass bottles. As such, you can approach proprietors of these cosmetic shops and offer to supply them plastic bottles whenever needed.

Small Car-wash Outlets – Small car wash outlets need many plastic bottles than their established counterparts. From spray bottles to polish bottles, small-scale car wash service providers purchase plastic bottles to facilitate their business. While such car wash businesses buy detergents in bulk, they prefer to be more economical while growing their companies. As such, they apportion cleaning products into smaller plastic containers to avoid wastage. Glass bottles could serve the same purpose, but the cost is slightly higher. Additionally, the glass would not withstand knocks and falls expected around a car wash.