Maintenance Tips for Powder Coated Patio Furniture

One of the best ways of adding style to your patio is using multi-colored powder coated seats. Such seats are aesthetically appealing and tend to last longer than wet painted furniture. However, adequate care and maintenance are critical since, irrespective of the protective powder coating, some factors can cause degradation of the finish. While it is impossible to eliminate the effects of nature on synthetic finishes, proper care, and maintenance are your only chances at prolonging the life of your patio furniture protective coating. This article provides powder coating maintenance tips.

Choose Lighter Colors -- Most people believe that maintenance for furniture involves activities such as painting, powder coating, and cleaning among others. While this might be the c to some extent, it is critical to note that maintenance starts the moment you make the right choice. Ever since lead and other heavy metals seized to be an ingredient in powder coats, colors such as blue and yellow tend to fade faster. It is for this reason that you should be careful when choosing the color for your patio furniture. Ideally, you want to go with powder coats that have lighter colors so that any fading, because of prolonged sunshine exposure, will be less conspicuous.

Use Warm Soapy Water -- When cleaning powder-coated furniture, you want to go easy with the detergents. Some powder colors react negatively to harsh cleaning detergents. As such, you should be careful when choosing detergents. Soap with emulsifiers that are capable of breaking down stains is the best choice. To clean, carefully sponge the coated surface with the mild soap and warm, soft water. Since patio furniture is left most of the time outdoors, you will need to clean your powder-coated furniture on a weekly basis to prevent the build-up of stubborn stains.

Waxing -- Once you are through with cleaning the surface of the powder-coated furniture, keeping the surface waxed regularly should be on your checklist. Waxing adds another protective layer to your outdoor seats. Using a high-grade wax that is free of abrasives ensures that the coated surface is kept away from direct sunlight thereby preventing ultraviolet rays from breaking and eventually damaging the coating. Once you are done, make sure that you clean off any extra wax. If left unattended; the wax would bake in the sun, melt, and form a permanent stain on your furniture. Most importantly, never wax dirty powder-coated furniture because the protective benefits will not be achieved.