The Different Materials You Can Utilise For Powder Coating

Powder coating is steadily becoming a popular finish as more people are looking for an alternative to paint. A good number of paints contain volatile organic compounds, which are hazardous to the environment and harmful to your health. Since the materials that coat the surfaces do not consist of these VOCs, powder coating is increasingly becoming recognised as a safe alternative to paint. However just as there is a myriad of types of paint, there are also multiple kinds of powders that you can use for the powder coating. This piece highlights a brief list of the different materials that you can choose for your application.

Epoxy powders

One of the most common compounds employed in powder coating is epoxy. Epoxy remains a widely used option because it is incredibly durable. Additionally, the epoxy is resistant to both chemicals and rust. Hence, it can be employed for a broad range of applications, be it in residential or commercial settings. Another reason why epoxy is a favourite powder is that forms a shiny, yet tough coating on the surface. Nevertheless, epoxy does have a few drawbacks that you should be aware of. For instance, the epoxy is not weather resistant, so this compound will not be ideal when powder coating exterior surfaces. 

Polyester powders

Polyester is another commonly used powder since it is both long-lasting and cost-efficient. Nonetheless, when considering polyester powders for your powder coating needs, you have to choose between tri glycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) or the Primid, which is also known as the TGIC-free polyester powder. One of the main advantages of polyester powders is that they have astounding mechanical resistance. The mechanical resistance allows the coating to be flexible if the surface bends. Mechanical resistance also ensures that the coating is not vulnerable to high impact. Another advantage of polyester powders is that they should be cured at low temperatures. This characteristic makes polyester powders ideal for sensitive materials that should not be exposed to heat. Lastly, polyester powders are weather resistant. Therefore, the powder coating can be employed on both indoor and outdoor applications.


These compounds have garnered high interest in recent years in the architectural industry since the fluoropolymers are phenomenally weather resistant. Thus, they are the top choice for window frames, door frames, balustrades and so on. Furthermore, the fluoropolymers create a unique coating since the compounds are highly pigmented, and the finish is incredibly glossy. Lastly, the intense pigmentation of the fluoropolymers means you only need to apply one coat when powder coating your items.

For more information about these options, contact a local powder coating company.