Why choose perspex signs for your business?

Perspex signs offer a great way of providing stylish, yet inexpensive signs, for your business. Perspex signs can be produced in many sizes and colours. Whether you need to add signage to your hotel, showroom, surgery, office or shop, perspex signs are a highly effective solution that will look good and won't break your budget.

In addition to looking elegant, and being great value there are many reasons to consider investing in perspex signs for your business. Here are just a few of them.

Use them anywhere

Perspex signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be weather and UV resistant, the signs are created to be shock, flex, and abrasion resistant so a few knocks or a little rough handling isn't going to damage any perspex signs in your building.

Long lasting

Perspex signs have a long working life. If you invest in perspex signs you can be sure that your signs will still be giving good service long into the future. All of the vinyls and acrylics used in the sign production are of excellent quality and will still be looking good many years from now.


Whether you are looking for clear perspex signs, or for signs in orange, green, yellow, red, or any other colour it is possible to create a perspex sign that exactly meets your requirements. It is also possible to have more than one colour of vinyl used to create the letters for your sign. This level of flexibility isn't possible for many other types of sign and gives perspex signs a distinct advantage over other forms of signage.

Easy to fit

Perspex signs generally come with the fixing holes pre-drilled so it is a simple matter to hold the sign where you want to place it, mark the appropriate spots on the wall or door and then drill the holes you need to fix the sign in place.

Easy to clean

Perspex signs are simple to clean. Use lukewarm water with a little soap, rinse the sign with clean water and wipe your sign dry. It will now be back to it's original pristine condition.

Whatever type of sign you need perspex is a good choice of material. It will produce a long-lasting, clearly legible, and great looking sign that will enhance your place of work for many years. Why not have a perspex sign designed today and start enjoying the benefits it can offer your business?