Buying New Goal Posts: 4 Things to Consider

If you are considering buying a set of goal posts for your school, you may be wondering where to begin. Although goal posts can be costly, if you choose the right type, they will last for a very long time. Below is a guide to 4 things you should consider when purchasing goal posts.

Consider which sports you will be playing

It is important to remember that not all goal posts are the same. Depending on the type of sports you will be playing, you will need certain types of goal posts. For example, if you are planning to play American Football or Rugby, you will need a set of goal posts which have extended poles through which the ball can be kicked. However, if you are planning to play Australian Football, this crossbar is not needed. If you are planning to play a range of sports, you may wish to consider investing in a set of goal posts which can be adapted for each game by adding and removing parts.

Consider the type of material

Goal posts are available in a range of materials. Steel is very durable and will not be easily damaged. However, steel may begin to rust if not properly treated and cared for. Steel is also much heavier than aluminium, so if you plan to move the goal posts frequently, you should opt for aluminium.

Consider the size of goal posts you require

You should carefully consider the age range of the pupils who will be using the goal posts. The size of goal posts needed may differ, depending on the youth league in which they are competing. If you do not purchase the right size of goal posts, you may not be able to take part in the league. You should consult the rulebook and any guidance supplied by the league authorities.

Consider the type of base

Goal posts feature different types of bases. A hinge base will allow you to easily remove the posts if the playing field needs to be used for a different sporting event. A spigot base provides a more permanent and sturdy solution which will not move around when hit by a player or football. When considering which type of base you need, you should consider the trade-off between portability and stability.

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